It began in 2011. Create Connect Studio ™

Create Connect Studio ™  began in 2011 as a home based studio and mobiel party featuring DIY events for women and kids.  In 2014 a studio location was opened in Madison WI and the name changed to Create Connect Jewelry Studio ™ .   The studio was modeled for a future franchise and was a huge DIY Studio hot spot for all ages.  People would travel from as far as 100 miles just to visit the only studio of it's kind.  With proprietary products not available anywhere else, we tested and perfected the DIY jewelry concept and methods.  


New Locations Coming Soon

The studio closed due to an imminent relocation of CEO and Founder Amy D.   With the long distance move and new surroundings franchising Create Connect Studio ™  is on the shelf for the time being.  Meanwhile we want to share the DIY magic with people across the county by launching  our social venue and mobile platform CREATE CONNECT JEWELRY PARTY  for Girl's Birthday Parties, and  CREATE CONNECT NIGHT ..


Create Connect Night ™ & Create Connect Jewelry Party ™

 Create Connect Night is an national provider of an award winning proprietary jewelry making experience along with additional trendy DIY projects.  Please join us as a customer, or Creative Design Coach entertainer. If you have any interest in becoming a future franchise owner one day, why not test out our products and concept by joining our new platform Create Connect Night and Create Connect Jewelry Party


Create Connect Night™ and Create Connect Jewlery Party™

One-Of-A-Kind DIY now available at local venues and for private events or parties.

Create Connect Night ™

Create Connect Night

 PREPARE TO BE AMAZED. In yourself... in what you create. 

Create Connect Night ™  features our proprietary DIY Jewelry along with other unique DIY experiences.

Create Connect Jewelry Party ™

Create Connect Jewelry Party

Featuring our Award Winning Jewelry. Create Connect Jewlery Party is our mobile DIY birthday party for girls ages 6-100.  Our DIY jewelry helps to build creative confidence!