DIY Jewelry With CC3™ Clay

Our jewelry is made of the same high end metals & finishes that famous jewelry designers use, and now YOU'RE the designer!

Our proprietary  jewelry pieces feature Acti-Bond® which forms a permanent bond with our CC3™  jewelry clay when cured together in one process.

We have several simple DIY techniques  with our clay, photos, stones and more!

no classes, social diy jewelry making!

Designer Jewelry with CC3™ Jewelry Clay


Your Color, Your Style, Your Statement™ .  You're Too Special To Look Like Anyone Else.® 

Choose your colors, choose your style and create a one of a kind jewelry masterpiece that reflects your individual style!

DIY Jewelry with Photos or Artwork


The best gifts are handmade.  Make them personal with your photos!  We do the re-sizing and professional printing.  

It only takes a few minutes to complete photo jewelry, and you get the bragging rights to say "I made it myself".

DIY Drusy Jewelry SPARKLE and SHINE


Do the Drusy! ( DROO-zee )  Drusy is a trend in jewelry and you can create the same look yourself!  It's jewelry mixology.  Measure, mix and scoop.

You can create your Druzy jewelry in any of our almost 100 jewelry styles!

Faux Turquoise Jewelry


Create faux turquoise in any of our Acti-Bond™  jewelry settings and CC3™  with Sleeping  Beauty Turquoise clay.  No experience needed.  No classes, just a brief demo and it is YOUR experience with your friends & family.

Mother DaughterJewelry


Create & Connect with your daughter at one of our Mother Daughter events or open studio. At Create Connect Studio, your not just creating jewelry, but MEMORIES as well!

Jewelry with Initials


Make it personal with your initials or  birthstone accents.  

Shown is our interchangeable Katie bracelet in Sustainable Style Stainless made from 60% recycled steel.

''Creativity is contagious, pass it on'' - Albert Einstein.

Create Connect Jewelry - the one and ONLY

Adult Coloring Book Jewelry


Upload your artwork and we will have it ready to complete at your event or open studio.  With our home kits the re-sized art is sent to your nearest Walgreens.

Jewelry with texture


Make an impression! Create jewelry with texture molds and stamps, accent with precious metal powder, or pigments.

Sustainable Style


Our Sustainable style Create Connectables™ in stainless steel composed of 60% post consumer steel will make you look and FEEL good!

Fingerprint Jewelry


Create Couples Fingerprint jewelry at an event our open studio, or make jewelry with your kids prints. We make a stamp of the wee ones prints so they make an impression. (And you can enjoy a mom's night out!)

Girls Birthday Party!


Award winning!  Host a one-of-a-kind party for YOUR one-of-a-kind.  Parties last 2 hours with time to celebrate while your jewelry cures. Everyone wears their jewelry home! Packages for all ages.

But Wait! Ther's More!


More DIY yourself textile and home accent projects.  Create & Connect and build creative confidence though innovative DIY methods that yield professional results!